Stammbaum Welpen
pedigree puppies
"Twister" WW 2010 NV 09 ASCA + DK + NO CH Moon Rise Latin Lover DNA-CP x
"Smilla" Stormbringers Princess Riot DNA-VP BH O-3 A1

Pedigree of:
4. Wurf
Smilla x Twister

WW 2010 NV 09 ASCA + DK + NO CH Moon Rise Latin Lover DNA-CP
black W/C F=20.71%
HD B1, HSF4: clear,
Thornapple Anakin Skywalker DNA-CP
Black W/C RF

Ch Mythical Moon Shadow Rising
E79120 DL59612301
Ch Blueprint Moon Dancer

Ch Brightwoods High Hopes
Ch Thornapple Silken Flame
E109503 DL82804606
Ch Bluestems Man-O-Firethorne DNA-CP
Little Spots KellywoodThornapple Godess of the Hunt
Ch Moon Rise Everlasting Love DNA-VP
Black C/W F=22.49%
E125539 63887
Ch Firethornes Jarry McGuire DNA-CP

E91555 DL64167001
<Ch Briarbrooks Case In Point
Firethornes Push the Limit
Ch Sunnyrains Society Column DNA-CP
E108335 DL82005202
Ch Briarbrooks Silverware
Briarbrooks Society Page
Stormbringers Princess Riot DNA-VP VDH: BH O-3 A1
Red Merle C/W F=11.07%
HD: A2, ED 0/0, HSF4: clear, CEA: clear, MDR1: +/+ 02/16/2006
SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade DNA-VP CDX JS-O RS-N GS-N VDH-BH FCI-OB3 A2 AJ2
Red C/W AS-16790G24M-PI F=9.62%
E108421 DL82147406
Ch Legends Albuquerque Low
E96925 DL74518608
ChWindogos Red O'Sonny Boy DNA-CP CD STDcds
Trueluc Fright Night Tazzie DNA-CP CD STDcds
VCH WTCH Ch SRN Eagles Holiday Wishes DNA-CP CDX JS-O RS-O
E83865 DL65816104

Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd CD STDcs OTDd
Ch Truelucs In the Nick of Time CD STDds
Sight'n Sound's She's The One DNA-CP CD BH O-1
Blue C/W RF F=14.11%
Ch Rivermedes Cool Runnings
E64835 DL51070406
Ch Sand Ridge Ventana
Misty Morns Sawyer Brown
Rosevalleys Classic Hits DNA-CP
E103667 DL77917703

Ch Another Obsession of Starcross
Windogos Devil In DisguiseWest Side Story