Stammbaum / Pedigree

"I V Y" - Stormbringers Blue Faszination
"C R U M B S Y" - Stormbringers Chestnut Crumbsy
"M E R L E" - Stormbringers Special One VDH: BH
"A M Y" - Stormbringers Dark Jewel Black
"M U R P H Y" - Stormbringers Cool Engrain
"A N N I E" - Stormbringers Little Twinkle
"C H A N C E" - Stormbringers Fire On Earth DNA-VP CD VDH: BH

Pedigree of:
1. Wurf
Jenna x Caleb
Heartfires Bad Moon Rising DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-12229G26M F=15.21%
E83617 DL63593702
Ch Heartfires Jailhouse Rock
Black C/W AS-9998E24M F=11.89%
E71592 DL55071801
Ch Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross
E39898 DL45845301
Ch Tress Joles Rocky Mtn Dude
Ch Cats Meow of Starcross
ChHeartfires Cookies And Cream
E60773 DL46559501
ChSummertime Showdown of Oldwest DNA-CP
Aqua Dulce Sunday Silence
Heartfire In The Summertime
Blue M C/W RF AS-8668G24F F=14.10%
E61734 DL49255202
Ch Summertime Shakn Up Ramblewood E45158 DL41440501 H O F
Ch Jubilees Federal Agent
Ch North Forks Perfect Harmonie
Ch Summertimes Afternoon Delite
E21915 DL48136701
Ch Tri-bar Macon Whoopie
Stillwaters True-Blue Whisper
Sight'n Sound's She's The One Dna-CP CD VDH: BH O-1
Blue M C/W RF F=14.00%
E115566 VDH 03/121R0379
Ch Rivermede's Cool Runnings
Blue C/W RF AS-9561G29M F=15.16%
E64835 DL51070406
Ch Sand Ridge Ventana
E52983 DL46810801
Windhills Claim Jumper
Viva Las Vegas of Starcross
Misty Morns Sawyer Brown
E29872 DL42194901
Ch Misty Morns Rackateer CD STDcs OTDd
Bisty Morns Bearfoot Bonnie
Rosevalley's Classic Hits DNA-CP
Black C/W RF F=12.87%
E103667 DL77917703
Ch Another Obsession of Starcross
E64833 DL51859002
Ch Final Obsession of Starcross
Sharpatas Alope
Windogos West Side Story
E73866 DL56104602
Ch Windogos Wild Wild West DNA-CP
Windogos Devil In Disguise